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Rosana Corbacho

M.I. Therapy is an organization aiming to raise awareness of mental health in the music industry. Through specialized treatment, workshops, conferences and panels.

Rosana Corbacho is a clinical and humanistic psychologist specialised in the music industry. In addition to working in therapy, she has experience from various roles in the music industry that finally lead her to found M.I. Therapy. Rosana is working with therapy treatment for music creatives and business professionals and raising awareness of mental health in the music industry. At her practice, she focuses on addiction, anxiety, depression and other disorders treatment as well as personal development for both music creatives and other people in the music industry. She works with single clients, artists, bands or group therapy.

Apart from being the Health Co-chair of AFEM, Rosana has been invited to talk and hold workshops at Berklee University, Primavera Sound, Mutek, ADE, BIME amongst others. Some of her recent work included Tunecore´s in-house Mental Health Awareness Month and Berklee University Valencia Campus Mental Health Awareness Week. She is leading group therapy sessions for Spotify Equal and collaborates with high tier UK and US Tour Managers at The Back Lounge Music Touring and Events Group. She is an active member of MITC, SheSaid.So and the Keychange Alumni program.

She has received the Keychange Inspiration Award by Amazon Music at Bime Bilbao 2022


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